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The Northland Institute of Ministry is dedicated to helping and encouraging young people as they strive to develop their God-given talents and train for a lifetime of Great Commission service: following Jesus Christ and encouraging others to follow Him as well.

Through our “life-touching-life” discipleship emphasis, Northland is working to help students grow deeper in their personal walk with the Lord and in their ability to serve Him wherever they are. We find this cause in Matthew 28:19–20. Jesus entrusts His followers down through time with the incredible responsibility of reflecting His character in a dark world and introducing others to Himself through the Gospel. The cause of the Great Commission demands total commitment—abandonment of all else to live in fellowship with God and to share His truth with others.

Student Life

Training Students for a Lifetime of Service

The Northland Institute of Ministry hosts a uniquely different, residential Bible program that allows students to earn a one or two-year certificate.


On-Site Experience

There is nothing more effective than the practical and personal participation a residential program can provide where each student is given targeted, personal attention and dynamic instruction in a conservative, Christian atmosphere.  Online classes may bring a greater convenience, but they fall short of the practical ministry and life-touching-life experience.

Students that Benefit

The Northland Institute benefits those desiring to invest a year or more of their lives to increase their Bible knowledge, shape their Christian life and enhance their life skills. We invite single, Christian young people, ages 18 or older, to participate in this specialized Bible foundations and life-skills training program before enlisting in the military, attending a secular college, or going directly into the workforce.  The Northland Institute of Ministry is also perfect for students looking for Bible training, leadership development, and vocational enrichment—after high school, during their early to mid-twenties, after military service, or after their four-year college degree.


Life At Northland

Northland Institute stands firmly in the stream of Baptist faith and practice. We recognize the need for solid Bible training to rekindle a fervor and zeal for the ministry both at home and abroad. Our program is saturated with Bible and doctrine courses as well as practical ministerial training courses, both of which are vital in preparing and training students for life and ministry.

Christ-Centered in Life

Northland integrates the Lord Jesus Christ into all studies and activities. By precept and personal example, the faculty and staff desire for Christian character to be built into the life of each student. For principles of life and Christian service to become established patterns for future ministry, students must make them priorities during this time of Bible training.

Bible-Centered in Action

The Bible is our reference point for instruction and conduct both in and out of the classroom. Northland’s desire is for students to learn that the answers in God’s Word are the solutions for the pressures of life. As their knowledge of Scripture increases, students will experience and give testimony to the power of God in their daily lives.

Ministry-Centered in Service

Northland offers many opportunities for developing spiritual leadership. Biblical leadership is not lordship but servitude. Therefore, the goal of leadership training is to develop in each student the heart of a servant coupled with the ability to lead. Serving others is an attitude that manifests itself in actions.


Local Church-Centered in Outreach

Northland emphasizes the importance of the local church. Each week students have the opportunity to participate in ministry and outreach opportunities under the direction of a pastor and a local church.


Northland Institute of Ministry students will receive a solid, biblical education covering many subjects.  Course offerings include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Doctrines I-IV—Covering topics such as Theology, Christology, Angelology, Anthropology and more!

  • Books of the Bible—We will delve into individual books of the Bible giving a better understanding of the books, the author and theme, as well as the messages they contain.

  • Surveys—Old and New Testament surveys, along with surveys of the Gospels or Pauline Epistles provide a rich course of study.

  • Character Sketches—Courses on the lives of the Patriarchs, the Prophets, Women of the Bible or Modern-Day Missionaries offer spiritual application to our everyday life and make for profitable studies.

  • Practical Life Application Courses—Topical studies on Prayer, Personal Evangelism, Apologetics, Addictions, and Living a Spirit-Filled Life are subjects that benefit everyone.


Whether you are a new believer, or have been a Christian for many years, the course of study at the Northland Institute of Ministry is beneficial and practical.  Apply today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Just what is the Institute of Ministry?

In its most simple definition, the Northland Institute of Ministry is a residential Bible program offering 1 and 2-year certificates. Residential, because we believe Christian education is more than the dispersal of information but the practical demonstration and development of that information through “life-touching-life” mentoring. That cannot happen in an extension or on-line educational environment. Biblical, because we believe the Bible is God’s textbook for all aspects of life. However, the Northland Institute is much more than a residential Bible program.

  • It is a beneficial investment in one’s personal life. The Northland Institute will help instill and foster essential personal character traits such as discipline, honesty, integrity, and maturity. Invest in your personal growth!

  • It is a Scriptural equipping of one’s spiritual life. The Northland Institute will challenge, nurture, and equip each student spiritually to live their life upon the principles of God’s Word. Equip yourself with a biblical foundation!

  • It is a practical foundation for future life. The foundational principles taught at the Northland Institute are building blocks of life that will benefit the student physically, spiritually, and mentally whether serving in the sacred or secular realm. Build for the future!

  • It is an affordable alternative to college life. With the cost of Christian college constantly rising, the Northland Institute has been designed to be affordable. How affordable?

$3,995 plus books each semester!


This includes room/board and tuition.  Students are also given the opportunities of Work Study Scholarship, Summer Camp Scholarship and other discounts.  By taking advantage of these discounts and scholarships one could significantly reduce the cost of attending Northland Institute of Ministry! 

What is your teaching philosophy?


It is our desire to lay a foundation for future living by training the whole person – intellectually, spiritually, practically, and personally. This is accomplished by instilling a spirit of academic excellence, biblical instruction, selfless servitude, and practical personal living. Or, put another way: we desire to challenge the students’ heads with Scripture-centered thinking; their hearts with life-touching-life mentoring; their hands with ministry-centered serving; and their habits with Christ-centered living.

Who may attend?


The Northland Institute of Ministry has been designed to be an affordable alternative for those single, Christian, young adults who are seeking to enrich their biblical knowledge and spiritual life, those who want to attend but simply cannot afford a traditional Christian college, those desiring to enhance their vocational and life skills, or those who are in transition or are uncertain of God’s direction for their life. The Northland Institute will ground you in God’s Word, build your personal leadership and life skills, and equip you to faithfully serve at home, church, and work.


Can married couples attend? What about middle-age, or retired individuals?


Yes, yes, and yes! Please bear in mind that published pricing is based upon single students living in a dormitory setting. For all other individuals, tuition is $1,245 per semester. Meals and lodging are available on campus for an additional cost.


Can I audit a class? 


Yes! Classes may be audited for $200 each. Please be aware that courses are structured in a one-week, block-class format. Therefore, a Monday-Friday 8am-12pm daily presence is required to audit a class. Meals and lodging are available on campus for an additional cost.

Perhaps, you’ve considered Christian college but cannot afford it. Perhaps, you are not certain what God desires for your life. Or, perhaps, you know someone who may benefit from the Northland Institute of Ministry. There is still time to apply!


Fall Semester 2018

*Students need to be on campus by 5pm.

Spring Semester 2019

*Students need to be on campus by 5pm.


Per Semester:

Tuition: $1,245

Room/Board: $2,750

Total Per Semester: $3,995 Plus Books

Deposit Due by August 15: $100 (non-refundable)

Remaining Down Payment

Due at Registration: $1,900

Balance: $1,995*

*Balance paid over next three months in equal installments of $665. Statements will be issued on the 5th of the month with payments due on the 15th each month

​ It’s possible to attend Northland Institute for as little as $1,750 per semester!

Ways to Lower Your Monthly Payments:


Summer Work Scholarship

Work at Northland Camp* the summer before attending the Northland Institute of Ministry.  We will match up to $1,000 any support you raise for your summer job at Northland! (*Job offer is not guaranteed.  Applicant must meet job qualifications and be hired by Northland Camp and Conference Center.)


Cash-Up-Front Discount

Pay for the entire semester at the beginning of the semester and receive a discount of $250!


Work-Study Scholarships

Apply Early!  A limited number of campus jobs are available.  Students who obtain campus jobs will have the potential of working up to 20 hours per week.  Earnings will be directly applied to student’s account each month.

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