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To provide enrolled students with professional and practical training that enables them to execute their occupation with integrity and proficiency of the highest degree

Student Life

Training Students for a Lifetime of Service


Northland Institute of Trades and Technology is a unique, residential training program that seeks to shape the whole person in their expertise and character to meet the challenges of our culture. This year’s course of study will be the Facilities Maintenance Track. Future tracks include Heating and Air Conditioning, Mechanics, and General Contracting/Carpentry. 

On-Site Experience


There is nothing more effective than the practical and personal participation a residential program can provide where each student is given targeted, personal attention and dynamic instruction in a conservative, Christian atmosphere. Online classes may bring a greater convenience, but they fall short of the practical skills learned and the life-touching-life experience gained while on campus.


A limited number of campus jobs are available.  Students who obtain one of these positions have the potential of working up to 20 hours per week.  Earnings are applied directly to the student’s account.

Academic Life at Northland

Students will be assigned homework such as daily reading and project development.  They will also spend time working on resumés as well as calling local contractors for answers to investigative questions.


Social Life at Northland

After dinner students have free time which allows for spending time in the Rec Hall, grabbing a coffee in the Daily Grind coffee shop, playing a game of basketball in the gym or taking a walk on one of Northland’s trails.  Of course, it also allows time for the students to do homework!

Students that Benefit


The Northland Institute of Trades and Technology benefits those desiring to invest a year or more of their lives to increase their knowledge, develop their character, and prepare them for a career that makes a difference in the world around them. We invite all those who are interested in preparing for their future while transforming their present to come and experience professional enrichment, leadership development, and vocational training taught by experienced, caring instructors.


Fall Semester 2018​

  • Introduction to Physical Maintenance

  • Introduction to Hand Tools

  • Troubleshooting Skills

  • Flat Roof Maintenance​

  • Introduction to Carpentry

  • Constructing the Building Shell

  • Finishing the Building Interior

  • Structural Painting

  • Introduction to Water Technology

  • Locks and Keys

  • Reading Blueprints

  • Air Handling

  • Preparing for Life

  • Leadership That Produces Excellence

Spring Semester 2019​

  • Maintenance Organization

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Controlling Maintenance Resources

  • Improving Performance

  • Effective Communication for Supervisors

  • Employee Relations

  • Managing Training Program

  • Electrical Energy Conservation

  • Heating System Equipment

  • Plumbing Systems Maintenance

  • Small Engines/Vehicle Maintenance

  • Electrical Safety and Protection

  • Cleaning Chemicals

  • Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

  • Building People Not Just Buildings

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to get a license when I graduate?

Professional licenses are granted through individual State licensing boards.  General contractor licenses require the passing of written exams, while professional trade licenses require further on-the-job time and training through approved apprenticeship programs.  However, successful completion of the Northland Institute of Trades and Technology program will: (1) expose one to a potential career in their field of interest, (2) equip one with entry level job experience for their field of interest, (3) encourage one to further their career by entering an apprenticeship program, (4) enable one to successfully pass the state contractor licensing exams.

Will I get hands-on training as well?

Yes, both class and lab time will fully prepare the student for beginning a career in the facility maintenance/building trades fields.

Are the tools listed mine to keep?

Yes. The tools and tool bag have been carefully chosen to meet your needs in the facility maintenance/building trades fields. Upon successful completion of the first semester the tools are yours to keep!

What will I be able to do when I graduate?

Upon graduation, students will be equipped to immediately enter a facility maintenance career or begin a career in any of the building trades taught. 

How much free time will I have?


Free time will depend on the student’s desire to do work study. Classes begin at 1pm and go until 5pm Monday – Thursday. Friday's schedule will be 8am to 4pm.


Who may attend?

We encourage anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in facility maintenance or the building trades to apply. 


What are professional enrichment classes?

These classes are developed to aid the student in building strong relationships and maintaining personal integrity as they work in the field of study.

Are there additional costs?

The prices listed are for room and board, tuition, tools, books, lab fees and a field trip.  Prices do not include spending money for personal items, school supplies, or purchases made at our Campus Store or the Daily Grind coffee shop.


Fall Semester 2018

*Students need to be on campus by 5pm.

Spring Semester 2019

*Students need to be on campus by 5pm.


Per Semester:

Tuition: $3,075

Room/Board: $3,150

Books, Labs, Tools: $1,175

Total Per Semester: $7,400

Deposit Due by August 15: $100 (non-refundable)

Remaining Down Payment

Due at Registration: $1,750

Balance: $5,550*

*Balance paid over next three months in equal installments of $1,850. Statement will be issued on the 5th of the month with payments due on the 15th each month

Ways to Lower Your Monthly Payments:


Summer Work Scholarship

Work at Northland Camp* the summer before attending Northland Institute of Trades. We will match up to $1,000 any support you raise for your summer job at Northland!  (*Job offer is not guaranteed.  Applicant must meet job qualifications and be hired by Northland Camp and Conference Center.)


Cash-Up-Front Discount

Pay for the entire semester at the beginning of the semester and receive a discount of $500!


Work-Study Scholarships

Apply Early!  A limited number of campus jobs are available.  Students who obtain campus jobs will have the potential of working up to 20 hours per week.  Earnings will be directly applied to student’s account each month.

For Further Information on Financial Assistance, please contact Mr. Starkweather here.


Ask about our 2nd Year Potential Summer Job Placement Program!

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